Board Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Posted by Luce County EDC on August 23, 2016 at 1:10 PM

Luce County Economic Development Corporation

Board of Directors

Regular Board Meeting


EDC Conference Room

May 3, 2016




Present: Colleen Duflo, Cliff Fossitt, Mike Slaght, A.J. Downey, John Waltman, Mary Archambeau,

Joe Villemure, and Dave Kenny


Absent: Jimm Depew


Others Present: Susan Jewell


The meeting was called to order at 4:01 p.m. by Chairperson Duflo.


Communications from Public: Susan Jewell from Michigan Works introduced herself and discussed to the board what they offer to the community. Services for adults include, outreach, orientation to other services, job search and placement assistance. Training services includes on-the-job- training, skill upgrading and occupational skills training. Other services include resume building, interviewing skills, career advancement and education, and also career guidance. Services for youth include tutoring, study skills training, alternative secondary school offerings and much more. Sara Schultz is working with the Business solutions part of Michigan Works including Human Resources, Business Support Services and much more. The EDC Board thanked Susan for taking the time to share this with them.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Regular Board Meeting March 1, 2016 were reviewed and approved as presented. Motion made by Waltman, seconded by Kenny . All Ayes


Approval of Financial Report/Bills

The regular financial report for March and April were reviewed and approved as presented. Motion by Archambeau, seconded by Villemure . All Ayes.


The regular bills for March and April were reviewed and approved as presented. Motion by Fossitt, seconded by Archambeau. All Ayes.


Correspondence –



Old Business






New Business

1. Finance Committee Recommendations- A. That Tammy needs a new computer with more memory her current computer cannot be upgraded. The quote is from National Office Supplies for $886.00. Dave recommended that the computer needs terabyte external hard drive. Cliff made a motion that they except the Finance committee’s recommendation add the terabyte external hard drive, seconded by Villemure. All Ayes.

B. Tammy has a quote for a new sign to go up at the front of the 2nd Phase Industrial Park that will have a map of the lots that are for sale with the EDC contact information. The Board suggested that it should have the railroad spur put on the back of the lot boundary. This quote includes the treated wood frame and the vinyl of $550. The Finance committee recommends to accept this bid.

2. July Board Meeting- Reminder that the Board agreed to change the July meeting date to

June 14th.

3. Northern Wings Repair- Sent a letter to the Board to inform them that Northern Wings Repair is going to be using and ATV to transport inventory from their long term storage facility over to their main facility. The Board asked Tammy to send back a letter stating that we appreciate them for letting us know.


Directors Report:

• Retention visit with Jan Goldthorpe

• Retention visit with Cheri Zellar – she has some needs I tried to get her help to no avail.

• Toured active site with Jerry going well. As always learned more about forestry

• Attended Zoning meeting village is trying to obtain a code enforcement officer, to address blight mostly.

• Attended chamber dinner went very well

• Forestry meeting:

o Possible hardwood sale in 2018 depending on inventory that will be taken winter 2016/2017

o Possible white pine sale in 2018

o Possible red pine sale in 2019

o Request was made on tracking what is done with timber sale money. Annette gathered a lot of information and I am compiling it now. Appears that most went into industrial park 2.

• Met with the EDC directors from the EUP for lunch and sharing of ideas.

• Kristen and I are working together a tourism guideline for service staff in the area.

• Kristen and I are working on hospitality training.

• Working with Jack Miller from Clare, he is buying Pickleman’s Restaurant.

• Luce County is not classified as low/moderate income according to MSHDA, this can affect grant opportunities. I have a 33 page packet that I will begin working on to change this designation.

• Just got industrial park studies back today have not went very far into it. Looks favorable to us.





March 2016 LMI

Loan Portfolio updated –Hand Out

RLF Balance – Hand out


Communications from the Public: None


Discussion that the Methodist Church Food Bank is looking for a bigger facility.


Update on CDBG funds to be used to a possible new project.



Adjourned: Motion by Kenny, seconded by Slaght . All Ayes. Meeting adjourned at 4:50pm.





Approved by_____________________________________on_________________________2016

Cliff Fossitt, Secretary/Colleen Duflo, Chairperson


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