Board Meeting Minutes

September 6, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Posted by Luce County EDC on November 7, 2016 at 11:35 AM

Luce County Economic Development Corporation

Board of Directors

Regular Board Meeting


EDC Conference Room

September 6, 2016




Present: Colleen Duflo, Mike Slaght, A.J. Downey, John Waltman, Mary Archambeau,

Dave Kenny, and Cliff Fossitt arriving at 4:20 p.m.


Absent: Joe Villemure


Others Present: None


The meeting was called to order at 4:01 p.m. by Chairperson Duflo.


Communications from Public: None


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Special Board Meeting June 30, 2016 and Special Board Meeting July 12, 2016 were reviewed and approved as presented. Motion made by Downey, seconded by Kenny . All Ayes


Approval of Financial Report/Bills

The regular financial report and bills for June, July and August were reviewed and approved as presented. Motion by Archambeau, seconded by Waltman . All Ayes.


Correspondence –



Old Business

1. Fill Board Vacancy: We have received two applications which one would like to remain confidential. The Nominating Committee needs to meet and review these applications and bring their recommendation to the Board.


New Business

1. Chairperson-Appointing Vacant Nomination Committee: Chairperson Duflo appointed Mike Slaght to the vacant seat.

2. 2017 Meeting Dates: The bylaws state that we need to have a December and January meetings so then they will be every other month after January. Motion made by Slaght, seconded by Downey. All Ayes.

3. Personnel Committee Recommendations: Tammy updated the employee handbook and took

out that the EDC offers insurance, which is no longer offered. Another update is not to allow employees to rollover vacation days. The Personnel Committee recommends these changes to the Board. Motion made by Archambeau, seconded by Downey. All Ayes.



Directors Report:

• Update on lot 2. Our board passed the finance committee recommendation to sell lot 2 to the LCRC. Attended county board meeting for approval to sell and keep proceeds. Grant has to be ran through government entity the EDC administered the grant and provided matching funds from PA 214 money. Had to obtain legal description, ordered title search and will close on the sale when completed.

• Attended local leaders conference in Marquette.

• July 13 – first public meeting for rising tides. Went well 10 attendees, good ideas gathered.

• July 14 and 15 UPEDA meeting. Developing a retention visit checklist. Will be paying for salesforce training and fees.

• Closed on Miller loan for Picklemans – have done a site visit things are going well. Waiting on some remodel items for business to slow down.

• Spoke at Kiwanis and pitched vacant board position. There were several questions Mike and Kevin helped me out.

• 2nd quarter update with TED team, master plan will be provided at no charge to the village. EUP Regional planning, MSU extension and a team from Lansing will be putting this together with the TED team.

• Emerging leader’s committee – I will be on a subcommittee for an event in 2017. Unsure of details.

• Retentions visits to Banks, Walther Farms and Northern Wings. With state officials

• PRT meeting with Governor went well.

• Attended Governor luncheon at UP state fair. He indirectly spoke of Newberry and Co. Rd 407 twice.

• PRT project will be The Old Bank, Sharon is proposing a revamp of her store and remodel of the apartments. There will be grants involved and because of PRT the matching funds are smaller.

• First meeting about master plan with PRT Steering team, EUP Regional Planning, TED team and team from Lansing.

• The EDC will be featured on the village web site. I have provided them with a lot of information on who we are and what we do.

• Metcalf rock update; almost done site looks good

AJ discussed that there will be a EUP Trades Fair in October and will be held out at the fairgrounds.



May, June & July 2016 LMI

Loan Portfolio updated –Hand Out

RLF Balance – Hand out


Communications from the Public: None


Adjourned: Motion by Slaght, seconded byDowney . All Ayes. Meeting adjourned at 4:36 p.m Approved by_____________________________________on_________________________2016 Cliff Fossitt, Secretary/Colleen Duflo, Chairperson


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